Terms and Conditions

Warranty Conditions

You can buy our online services with monthly or annually contracts. In case of any unsatisfaction about our services, wihtout any question, a refund of your money is guarenteed in 10 days after the purchase.

This product is no subject to a service agreement.

Problems based on computer viruses and user faults are not considered in warrant conditions.

Warranty is applicable for the person who bought this service and can not be transferred or appointed to a new customer.

Delivery Conditions

Our service is delivered online and username, password and etc information is provided by e-mail.

Refundment Conditions

Our contracts are valid until the end of the service agreement. There is no automatic renewal at the end of the contract.

After checking the customer information, our company has the right to cancel the orders which are considered as "Fraud - Online Commerce Theft or Cheating".

Orders are cancelled through an e-mail to our customer and money refund is delivered as soon as possible.